i’m not a political person. 

i have no interest in discussions, debates, or conversations stemming from political subject matter. you’ll never hear me say a word about the presidential election, etc. 

but i’m a resident of the state of north carolina, and there’s a thing happening in my state right now that is so shameful, so ignorant, so backwards, and so enraging, that i feel a need to say something for the record:


HB2 is a national embarrassment. governor pat mccrory is a bigot, a coward, and a disgrace to public office.

to any transgender people who may have found my music, or may happen upon this page, please know that the so-called “leaders” of the state of north carolina do not speak for all of its residents. there are good people here, too, who value and treasure every person’s right to live in this state enjoying every freedom, every respect, and every measure of equality ensured to us all by the laws of our nation. 

there are people here who are angered and ashamed by the repeated attempts of conservative elements in this state to marginalize, harass, and openly discriminate against people based on gender, sexual preference, race, religion, or any other part of their identity or lifestyle– and i’m one of them.

i wholeheartedly join any and all who condemn HB2 for the disgusting bigotry and the outright violation of civil liberties that it unquestionably is, and ask only that you not group all of the residents of NC in with the hateful few who have conceived and carried out this gross miscarriage of “law-making.”